impacting the world with healing & miracles 

                                MIRACLE OF GOD MINISTRIES

  Jer 30:17 .....I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of all thy wounds  

It was out of Gods love that He gave His only Son Jesus. John3:16. Wisdom demands that you  support this Prophetic & Healing ministry. God commissioned this ministry for a purpose; to revive the healing and miracle ministry of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Please do not look outwardly but consider inwardly and give into the kingdom of God. Prophets are custodians of God's secret. We are agents of Gods solution for man's situation. Amos3:7 

 I want you to give in the kingdom of God willingly 1cor9:17.

 I want you to do it cheerfully 2cor9:7

 I want you to do it righteously.Mal3:3

 I want you to release it in faith.Eccl11:1


 Hello; I want you to know this scriptural fact, "GIVER NEVER LACK "


The word says he that gives to the poor shall not lack. Proverb28:27. Therefore; I admonish you to seek  and worship the Lord with your bountiful offering in Jesus Name. The Lord bless your giving heart.